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ABOUT was created out of the inspiration to acknowledge who we are as Women, as Mothers and the world that gets hidden and created in between.

No matter how you flip it, caption it, sugar coat it or even how rewarding it can be, Motherhood is still very hard!

Our goal is to be an honest voice for the journey happening for Women moving through all stages of Motherhood, in all the many ups and downs life throws our way. 

Here you'll find post that support both the beauty and hardships from Women across the world with stories meant to empower, inspire and remind you of what we as Mothers are capable of achieving on our own and also as a HOOD.

Welcome to Project Motherhood! 

Are you a Mother looking to empower or connect with us? 

Join us on Instagram by following @ProjectMotherHOODnetwork, Tag us, share with us and connect with us! 

We look forward to hearing from you!


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