Model, Mother, Certified Life Coach and Social Self Loved Advocate.

From NY to Paris, from runway to print, my path lead me into a career in modeling, I was exposed to a world of possibilities and world travels that my childhood could only dream of. My work days often included collaborating with innovative and creative individuals that not only encouraged my journey, but also furthered inspired me to seek out other passions within myself and life. 


I gave myself the title, Dream Pusher and obtain my certification as a life coach from one of the largest ICF-accredited coach training schools in the world, IPEC. I began working with organizations to support spaces for people to be uplifted and empowered in creating their own clarity around their own passions and bridged the space from where they were, to where they wanted to be. I loved it!

As a new Mother, I looked forward in continuing my journey to push people closer to their dreams. However, I did not realize it would open me up to paying closer attention to my well being in a way that modeling and coaching hadn't. I realized there were parts of me I needed to learn and understand. There were parts of me that needed healing and loving that culturally I didn't identify with. I realized there were new conversations I wanted to be apart of and have that weren't there. 

Curating Intimate Conversations, Girl Talk and Project MotherHood, has become my goal to expand the relationships we hold for ourselves and our journey by breaking the misconceptions around being broken, being vulnerable and being strong. Dreaming big is just as important of a conversation as what it means to love ourselves. 


We deserved to not only be wholly loved, we deserve to wholly be in love with every broken piece that makes us whole. 

To learn more about the projects I'm currently working on, click below and lets connect!

Lets connect! 

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