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Project MotherHOOD with Glow Maven Latham Thomas

Author, Doula, full time entrepreneur and founder of Mama Glow. We have an office in Soho. I was a single mom for many years and I am now engaged.

Traditionally, the term motherhood is changing. How are you defining MotherHOOD as it relates to you in this day of age?

It’s a very personal journey and one that has been defined for me by my experience of motherhood and my work as a doula. Every day I make a choice to listen to the voice within that ignites me in spirit and in flesh to keep going. I am inspired to make a difference each day, to touch someone in an impactful way. This is why I am so compelled to do the work I do with women and mothers- ushering new life into the world requires a reference for spirit and a celebration of the magic of the female body. The root of spirit is that it is in everything, everywhere, we are alchemists.

Being a Mother is hard work, what reminders do you or have you given yourself to help shift to a gentler perception?

Meditation, prayer, and friendship are what help me stay centered. My child is a wonderful stabilizer, his presence keeps me stable. I love a good book, that helps to unwind the mind. I am a Taurus so the core of my being is about stability and being grounded.

We do our best and can't do it all. Where do you allow yourself to be unapologetic as a Mother?

I don’t aspire to do it all. I do what I am put on earth to do and focus my energies there. I take my time, I never rush.

How has Motherhood inspired you?

In every way, motherhood activates me from my relationships to my work and spiritual life. I am full because of my primary service as a mother.

How do you pour back in to you?

I practice movement. I go outside, I make sure to get my feet in some soil regularly. Sex and intimacy is a wonderful way to de-stress. I’d like to note though that I am not seeking balance in my life. We are constantly in a state of dynamic equilibrium- which means that we are being thrown off balance constantly to keep things propelling in motion so we can grow. If things are balanced- there is no room for growth along the continuum. I am striving to become a better version of myself and movement helps remind me of that when I am on the yoga mat, in a kickboxing class, or on a hike.

One of two: A note of compassion you want to offer a Mother reading this. Preferably something that might/could have been comforting to you at one point of time. OR Note to self.

Be kind to yourself. Speak blessing on yourself. And take time for yourself.

Thank you Latham!


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