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Project MotherHOOD with Dana Faith

I work from home running my jewelry company Dana Faith. I design and make all of my jewelry all while raising my 3 year old daughter. I am married to my husband Nes for 5 years and we are raising our daughter together.

How would you define Motherhood in your own terms?

For me motherhood is a love and hate relationship, some days things are going so great then other days are very challenging especially trying to run my company and having to watch my daughter full time.

The one tip I would give to other moms working from home and raising their child is to try to set up play dates when you have time to break up the days and always have activities for your child so you can get your work done. If you don't mind leaving the tv on for your little one for a bit everyday that is a lifesaver!! My mom comes and helps once a day every week but if you don't have that option try to get a babysitter at least once or twice a week is so helpful!

What are a few things that help you recharge your batteries?

The most important thing for me to recharge after being with my daughter everyday is definitely meeting my girlfriends for drinks and catching up which all moms need and should do every week!

We do our best and can't do it all. Where do you allow yourself to be unapologetic as a Mother?

As a mother I don't apologize for taking time for myself or even taking care of myself first sometimes.

How has Motherhood inspired you?

Motherhood has inspired me in so many ways! First, it really has showed me so much appreciation for other moms! It has also totally changed the way I design jewelry now with other mommys in mind :) I also love so much more than I ever thought was possible.

What's your favorite beauty must do when you are feeling exhausted on the inside and on the go?

My favorite beauty must do is giving myself a mini facial after my shower, my face always looks glowing and I feel so refreshed!

One of two: A note of compassion you want to offer a Mother reading this. Preferably something that might/could have been comforting to you at one point of time. OR Note to self.

Oh wow for any new mom please don't be so hard on yourself you are doing the best you can do! And know it goes by so fast to cherish every moment even through the most difficult time. I also wish I had more support for my postpartum depression so make sure to find mommy groups near you, that was a total game changer for me!

Thank you Dana!


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