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Project Motherhood with Mina Munoz

Motherhood is not an easy road, but it is by far a most rewarding one. The times you ask yourself “Am I even built for this?” are rewarded with the times your child wakes you up with a kiss on the forehead. Those times when you feel you’ve failed or could've made better choices in your parenting you receive a subtle “I love you mommy” and you’re assured it’ll be alright. When you see your child light up and run to you after only not having seen you for a couple of hours. When they can pick out your face and your voice in a room full of people. When they’re sick and no medicine can compare to the ease your touch gives. When you step away to watch how they move and you see your teachings come alive without your help. The small victories and the big ones. From teething, to temper tantrums, to picky eating, to potty training. To the fears we have as women in a society that tells us “never let them see you sweat”. The most challenging thing I have done by far is be a mother, it is non-specific, the challenge comes with the territory. The moment I had Scarlett in my arms, I looked to the universe and said “challenge accepted” — motherhood inspired me, period.

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