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Project Motherhood with Krish Jones

Motherhood...besides the fact that we have to raise HUMAN BEINGS, I have to be honest, my children are probably the easiest people in my life to deal with! But what has been rough is raising little girls to be young women who love themselves and have self respect. This has not been the easiest for me to measure how well I am doing because I myself am in a marriage that lacks many of the things that I would want for my own daughters. So how can I be an example to my daughters on how to be treated and what is not acceptable and unacceptable when I am in a respect less marriage filled with infidelity, abuse (physically, verbally, and emotionally), and inconsistency. This has been the roughest part. Building up strong, smart, savvy girls into women that the world can learn and heal from, when I myself am completely unhealed and broken.

Surprisingly...The same fears that I have about my walk in motherhood is what has been the gasoline on the flame of my strength. I have learned to create my own identity in business and womanhood that I have my daughters completely immersed in. I have pushed all of the pain I carry heavily to farthest regions of my mind and heart and put forward only the positive and empowering version of myself that has taken me a long time to curate. I did not want to become another sad love song to my kids. I wanted them to see that you are still your own person, no matter what you are going through in life you can still cultivate love, light, and be someone who can inspire. My daughters have inspired me more than anyone. They push me to be better for myself in my season of waiting. They push me to keep going. They keep me on track. Motherhood is my purpose. Inspiring other women is my calling.

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